Race: Senatorial

Party Affiliation: Republican

Village: Talofofo

Campaign Manager: Kristine Cruz Denight

Treasurer: Aaron Unpingco


Adonis is married to Charlene Borja Mendiola, daughter of Jesus Camacho Borja (Desa/Kakang) of Mongmong and Annie Cruz Mesa (Happy/Bobo) of Chalan Pago.  He is the son of Joseph Mendiola (Tanda/Gotgohu/Fungu/Lachi) of Agana Heights/Maina and Agnes Cruz Mendiola (Borja/Santos Galaide) of Santa Rita.  Adonis & Charlene have three sons, Adam, Austin, and Justin and the family has resided in the village of Ipan Talofofo for over 21 years.

Work Experience

Jan. 2011 - Present:  Director, Department of Youth Affairs

2010:  Program Coordinator, Department of Integrated Services for the Disabledd

2010:  Field Operations Supervisor, Guam Census 2010

1996-2005:  Inventory Management Officer, Pharmacy GMHA

1994 - 1998:  Administrative Assistant, Bureau of Communicable Disease Control Public Health

1989 - 2011  Chaplain Assistant, US Army (Active Duty/Reserve & National Guard)  Veteran - Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Support Operation Enduring Freedom (Iraq/Afghanistan) with Awards

2007 - 2009  Assistant Store Manager, The Home Depot, Guam

2007 Media & Broadband Sales & Service Consultant, MCV

2006 - 2008  Account Sales & Marketing Manager, School Days Uniforms Inc.

Active blood platelet donor since 1998 

Served two years as a GAIN Board Member


>Improve care and benefits for my fellow veterans and their families.

>Shape policy to address migrant issues.

>Create better higher paying jobs and training for everyone.

Campaign Slogan: "Guam is Good"


Phone Number: 489-3998

Office Number:



Twitter: @Adonis4Guam

Instagram: @Adonis4Guam