Guam - Less than a month remains until oral arguments begin in the Guam Legislature's request for a declaratory judgment with the Supreme Court over medicinal marijuana. And this past week, the Guam Legislature provided its reply brief in the matter where Attorney Julian Aguon argues that congress vested the Guam Legislature with the authority to enact laws to facilitate the exercise of that right. He adds Public Law 32-134 is such a law. That law as we reported directs the Guam Election Commission to place the question of whether to legalize medicinal marijuana before the people of Guam in this year's general election ballot. Aguon says "The GEC cannot refuse to carry out its non-discriminatory ministerial duty" and "justifying its refusal on nothing more than its own conspicuously narrow reading of federal and local law." Opening arguments meanwhile are set for August 4 at 10 in the morning.