Guam - Described by the US Secret Service as one of the world's most prolific traffickers of stolen information,  Roman Seleznev is accused of devising a scheme to defraud various financial institutions such as Chase Bank, Capital One and Citibank.

Seleznev was indicted three years ago in Washington State for his alleged involvement in what is described as a multi-million global credit card scam operation.  In 2011 he was indicted on several charges including multiple counts of bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

His father is a Russian politician who says he intends to take all steps to protect his son's lawful interests. Department of Corrections officials confirm Seleznev was visited by a Russian consul from California on Monday. We've also confirmed that a second visit took place this afternoon - the two delegates from the Russian consul were seen leaving the Hagatna Lockup and while their visit lasted almost an hour they would not give any details about what transpired.

DOC director Jose San Agustin also provided limited information about the visits, telling KUAM News, "We're just a holding tank, we hold this individual, we take him where the marshals want us to take him and basically we just comply with what their desires are. Again, the marshals have total control of that particular situation - my part into this is approving them to come on board, the consulate and their attorney and the marshals to visit this individual."

According to an online article in "Russia Beyond the Headlines" however they report that Seleznev is being held in a damp cell, forced to lay on concrete floors with no blanket and wasn't provided any essential hygienic items. San Agustin denies such allegations adding that all cells come complete with bunks and sheets.

Meanwhile, Seleznev's father is quoted in an article as saying this was a way to force his son to make a confession in something he was not involved in Seleznev is scheduled to appear in federal court next week.

Meanwhile according to an order from the District Court of Guam, Seleznev is no longer being represented by the Public Defender, but instead by the legal team of Joseph Razzanno, Patrick Civille and Joshua Walsh.