Guam - The latest information from the Joint Information Center shows that Guam residents can expect less severe weather than previously predicted as it appears the storm has weakened overnight. The National Weather Service has cancelled the Tropical Storm Warning for Guam and Rota.  The Tropical Storm Watch has also been cancelled for Tinian and Saipan.

Governor Eddie Calvo will make a decision on the island's Condition of Readiness status is forthcoming. The cancellation is a result of new forecast information. The tropical storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression, which is a primary factor for this change in forecast. 

The depression's closest point of approach is now expected around 10am today. No damaging or destructive winds are expected to affect Guam any more. 

Chip Guard from the NWS tells KUAM News that Guam will experience winds of about 20mph during the passage of the depression.  The center of the storm is likely to pass closer to Rota later today.