Race: Senatorial

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Village: Piti 

Campaign Manager: Benjamin J.F. Cruz

Treasurer: Francis Santos


BENJAMIN J. F. CRUZ is a Retired Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Guam. Today, his abiding commitment to public service continues as Vice Speaker of the 32nd Guam Legislature where he serves as Chairman of the Committee on General Government Operations and Cultural Affairs. During his distinguished career spanning all three branches of government, his work has been marked with fairness, tenacity and compassion. He remains a fierce advocate for Guam's families, the elderly, and the individual taxpayer.

During his 40 years of public service he has held a number of important positions in all three branches of government:

• JUDICIAL BRANCH: Appointed a Judge of the Superior Court of Guam in 1984 where he presided over the Juvenile and Family Court for 10 years. Elevated to the Supreme Court of Guam and served as an Associate Justice from 1997 to 

1999. Selected by his colleagues to be Chief Justice in 1999 until his retirement from the bench in 2001.

• EXECUTIVE BRANCH: Briefly held the position of Assistant Consumer Counsel at the Attorney General’s Office before serving as Legal Counsel for Governor Ricardo J. Bordallo from 1975 to 1979. Appointed to Director of the Guam 

Liaison Office, in Washington, D.C., in 1983. Received a federal appointment to be a Commissioner of the Guam War Claims Review Commission in 2003. 

• LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Elected Senator for the 32nd, 31st, 30th, 29th and 28th Guam Legislatures. Served as Minority Legal Counsel for the 15th, 16th and 29th Guam Legislatures.

B.J. Cruz holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Santa Clara Law School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Economics from Claremont Men’s College. His parents are the late Antonia C. Franquez and 

Juan Quenga Cruz, and his stepfather is the late Vicente Cruz Guerrero (Ben Tico)."


BJ Cruz is a veteran lawmaker known for his unwavering integrity, his sagacity, and his lifelong commitment to the people of Guam. He is driven by the belief that each of us can work to lay a solid foundation upon which our children can build a better future. That is why Vice Speaker Cruz has aimed his relentless focus toward the following objectives:

• A STRONGER ECONOMY: We have to invest in a 21st-century economy, build roads, schools and bridges that are ready to grow with Guam, and uphold freedom from poverty as one of the virtues of full-time occupation. Cognizant that we can take real steps to widen the circle of economic opportunity in Guam, Cruz wrote legislation that now allows UOG’s research to become the driving force of our 21st-century economy, introduced Guam’s first comprehensive Private-Public Partnership Act, and fought to raise the minimum wage for Guam’s working families.

• AN ACCOUNTABLE GOVERNMENT: We need to build the framework for a results-based budgeting (RBB) system to improve accountability and drive an efficient appropriation process. The continued identification of cost savings without resorting to layoffs or the suspension of services can save taxpayers millions of dollars. Tax compliance must be promoted through the requirement of tax clearances for professional licensure granted by the government and tax declaration from all public officials. The recent enactment of legislation that mandates procurement training for government personnel by 2016 will require support, including corresponding appropriation.

• A SAFER GUAM: We need to demand that all public safety agencies of the government of Guam receive full funding. We must continue to strengthen Guam’s laws against violent crime and crimes against children. Propensities toward violence and criminality can be reduced with prudent investment in treatment and therapy for our youth.

• A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY: Based on the successes of prior laws that have been reported to quantifiably reduce tobacco consumption rates in Guam, we need to pursue bipartisan support for policies that will help Guam become a healthier community.

Campaign Slogan:

"Fair, Firm, Compassionate"


Office Number: 477-2520/1



Twitter: @senatorbjcruz

Instagram: @senatorbjcruz