Race: Senatorial


Party Affiliation: Democrat


Village: Agana Heights


Treasurer: Tessie Marcos






Rory J. Respicio is a senator of the 32nd Guam Legislature and currently serves as the Majority Leader and Chairperson of the Committee on Rules; Federal, Foreign & Micronesian Affairs; Human & Natural Resources, and Election Reform. Senator Respicio has served in the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st and 32nd Guam Legislatures and has had a number of his bills become law, including the establishment of the Office of Finance and Budget and the creation of the Guam First Commission which brings all the various interests in Guam together to speak with one voice concerning the military buildup. Senator Respicio earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Government & Politics with a minor in English/Business & Management from University of Maryland University College. He is married to Joleen Respicio and they have one son, Rory J. Respicio, Jr. The Senator currently serves as the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Guam.






I would like to continue the work that will ensure that our families are provided the adequate health care necessary to produce positive, healthy lifestyles, inclusive of health and wellness programs and activities to promote healthy living.  The communicable and non-communicable diseases from heart disease, diabetes to cancer, continue to take a toll on our people, especially on our government coffers.  The millions of dollars we spend each year on our ""sick care"" system far outweighs what little we spend on keeping our community healthy and well.


I intend to work hard to take a paradigm shift by focusing our energy and resources on keeping our people healthy and well rather than working to cure them from many of the most preventable diseases in the first place. 


This goal is paramount for the thousands of children, youth, adults and manamko' who call our island home.  A healthy family means a healthy community.  A healthy community translates into more resources for education, public safety, job creation, and so much more that will continue to make Guam a special place that it is.


Campaign Slogan:
"Standing Up for You"


Office Number: 472-7679