Race: Gubernatorial
Party Affiliation: Republican
Village: Mongmong-Toto-Maite
Campaign Manager: Franklin P. Arriola
Treasurer: Emily B. Unpingco

Eddie Calvo is the rare blend of a leader, who is both a visionary and a man of decisive action.  

Four years ago, not too many of us believed in a vision of Guam, where leaders cared about the poor and the sick, where the government paid its debts, where the governor kept his promises, and where the quality of life of Guamanians would be better. Not many foresaw that Guam would be in the advent of its greatest economic expansion four years later. Eddie Calvo had this vision. And he believed in it wholeheartedly. He believed in it because he believes in you, the Guamanian people; and because he knew he would work hard to achieve this dream.

History will judge Governor Calvo’s first term in office well. And while it will take a book to account for his extraordinary achievements, we must note the landmark difference he’s made while in office:

- He recognized debts to the people, personally sacrificed, and paid 98% of debts owed Guamanians for 20 years within a span of just four.
- He eliminated the two-decade-old deficit.
- Students are learning and graduating at higher rates.
- More young adults are going to college.
- There are more jobs, wages are higher, and more are qualifying.
- The economy is growing, and on the verge of historic growth.
- We are reversing decades of bad health through activity and wellness.
- Housing is becoming more affordable, despite the growing economy.

These achievements are the by-product, not just of hard work, but a commitment to excellence in service to the people, especially to those most in need. If there was one way to describe Eddie Calvo’s burning passion, it would be this: He serves to lift up the poor, the forgotten, the cast aside, and the judged. He is putting an end to the trickery of previous politicians who preyed on poverty by keeping the poor down. His initiatives include education reform, universal pre-school, affordable housing, reliable mass transit, road construction, safe families, access to more medical care, affordable medical care, timely refunds and debt payment, foster care – all issues geared toward lifting people up and giving them equal opportunity.

Perhaps the reason Eddie has been so successful in pursuing his vision of Guam is because of some cornerstone values. He is a beacon of openness, transparency, and #RealTalk. He is accessible and reaches out to the people outside his office and in neighborhoods throughout Guam. He believes that leadership has nothing to do with ruling, and everything to do with serving. This belief is driven by his Christian faith; a deep-rooted love for the Teacher of the Beatitudes, Jesus, and how he led by humbling himself to the poorest of the poor, the biggest of the sinners and those judged by society.

This is the essence of Eddie Calvo. And as he was inaugurated to his first term, he made it clear that he serves all. He resurrected the use of the term ‘Guamanian’ in political circles to show his love for all of Guam’s residents, no matter their race, gender, creed, economic station, belief system, family background, or orientation.

Eddie Calvo’s vision of Guam four years later is coming true. Imagine what more with another four. 

- Developing your children into the career-drivers of tomorrow.
- Jobs. Jobs. Jobs for one and all. Careers you can count on.
- Test scores that keep going up with graduation rates, and readiness for the real world.
- The end of the cycle of poverty, and the beginning of the era of prosperity.
- More food and other products developed and sold right here at home.
- More energy that powers our homes.
- Roads that are safe. Roads with sidewalks. Roads without potholes.
- Medical care so advanced that people will come here for care.
- Neighborhoods so safe, you can let your children play at night again
- A new Hagatna. Revitalized villages everywhere.
- The sound of music, the attraction of art, and the spread of the humanities throughout Guam.

Campaign Slogan:
"The Right Direction"

Phone Number: (671) 472-8931
Office Number: (671) 472-8931
E-Mail: governor@guam.gov
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/eddiebazacalvo
Twitter: @governorcalvo
Instagram: @eddiebazacalvo
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/governorofguam
Website: http://www.calvotenorio.com