Guam - Allegations that a high ranking officer at the Department of Corrections was taking bribes were unsubstantiated. An internal affairs investigation that was just completed by DOC authorities regarding the matter.

Warden Frank Crisostomo and another DepCor officer are no longer under investigation. According to director Jose San Augustin the pair were cleared of any wrongdoing, saying, "The reason for that is from the initial allegation and testimony submitted from the 4 individuals did not match the outcome of the investigation so its basically unfounded there's nothing that shows that they are in violation of anything so in this particular there's nothing for us to pursue," he stated.

It was in April the warden and a DOC officer were placed on administrative leave accused of accepting bribes for favors. This followed a fight that broke out in the halfway house between inmate Paco Bermudes and Alex Castro. The altercation revealed that Castro was assigned to the Halfway House even though has had served less than a year of his total five-year sentence.

The warden has the authority to decide who can be placed in the Halfway House. "Initially the allegation was an employee of DOC had taken one of the prisoners to someone's home to pick up roosters using one of the government vehicles and those roosters were supposedly delivered at the wardens residence the individual that actually started that allegations or accusation was the only one individual we kind of took the lead on but as the investigation with internal affairs moved forward we started getting statements from other people who we thought should have known or knew of such incident it did not add up to what really was brought to our attention," he said.

Although the warden was cleared San Agustin says he will now work with him and review who will be allowed to move to the Halfway House.