Guam - Kicking off this evening at 9pm, will be the seventh installment of the Guam Art Exhibit, also known as GAX. Launched in 2009, founder Jude Baker says it was a way to reach out to the passionate artists on Guam.

"We saw in Guam there was a lot of young artists that were unrepresented they had never shown before they were doing non- traditional art things that were modern and cutting edge a lot of it was related to music surfing and sports and skateboarding things that didn't really have a location to be shown 120 and appreciated," he said.

Preceding the official opening of the art exhibit will be the screening of The Muna Brothers' new documentary "Talent Town, which is $10 and starts at 6pm.

GAX VII meanwhile will run throughout the month of July and is located on the second floor of The Plaza in Tumon, right above DNA Evolution.