Guam - Just as he stated he would do during the measure's public hearing last month, Governor Eddie Calvo has vetoed Bill 309. Senator Ben Pangelinan's bill would have prioritized the uses of any excess Section 30 revenues to include fully funding hay pay raises and renovating George Washington High School. Calvo in his veto message says Bill 309 seeks to appropriate $22 million in 'excess' Section 30 fund revenues that allegedly represent a windfall to Guam however the governor says that doesn't exist. Instead Calvo says he has confirmed with federal partners that $7.8 million is on its way to Guam with a total commitment not exceeding $15 million to date that will not be available for appropriation but instead cash that will be used to pay tax refunds. He ultimately says Bill 309 is "misleading and a reckless gimmick" adding it's "deficit spending in its plainest form." as for the other bills passed recently, Governor Eddie Calvo let Bill 334 lapse into law. The measure appropriates $206,000 for new tabulation equipment.