Guam - Guam Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas will have competition during the primary election. Today former Superior Court judge Elizabeth Barrett Anderson filed her candidacy to return to a position she once filled almost thirty years ago.

Two years into her retirement Barrett Anderson is ready to return to public service. "I'm looking forward to a campaign its been about 14 years since I've been in elected office hopefully its like riding a bike I; know how to still do it," she quipped.

Before spending 14 years on the bench, Barrett Anderson served as a Republican senator in the 23rd and 24th Guam Legislatures. Prior to her stint in the legislature, she was Guam's first female attorney general serving from 1987 to 1994. "It's been 20 years since I've been at the attorney general's office and I have seen it go through seven appointed attorney generals and three elected attorney generals and I think its time for me to get in there and to make it a better place I know exactly what's needed to make it run better and give it the strongest leadership it can have," she said.

The retired judge says as we go further down the campaign trail the voters of Guam will understand more of what she means when it comes to the problems she sees currently at the AG's Office.

She continued, "I think there's some foundational concerns with the elected attorney general I know how it can operate I know how it can balance the power between the governor and the legislature its an extremely powerful position and I think we need to work on making it a better office."

During her time as AG, Barrett Anderson strengthened the island's Child Support Enforcement Program by establishing the Family Division, worked on programs to address the needs of abused children as well as the island's growing juvenile problem. She was nominated to serve as attorney general by former governor Joseph Ada and nominated to serve on the superior court bench by former governor Carl Gutierrez.  Although the AG is a non-partisan position, she confirms she has support from both sides.

"Well, I have had two governors ask me to run so that's pretty good support," she said.