Guam - It's a big day for DOCOMO Pacific, as today the company became an official Apple iPhone authorized reseller. President and CEO Jonathan Kriegel said, "Today our customers will be able to come into the store and pick up their 5S and 5C and really begin to enjoy these amazing devices on what is Guam's fastest and broadcast coverage LTE network for all iPhone users that's an important point I want to make if you're an iPhone user what you're really concerned about is being able to take advantage of that fantastic technology is' genius and you want to be able to experience that genius on the fastest possible network anywhere you are."

According to kriegel some of the things you will experience are longer battery life and more robust iMessage and Facetime features.  He adds DOCOMO Pacific is committed to providing what they call customer delight which couples apples phenomenal services with their worldclass market leading network to provide a seamless experience.    For more information go to