Guam - The U.S. Secret Service and the FBI are taking the lead in investigating the hundreds of reported cases of wire fraud locally.

Guam Bankers association president Mark Fish confirms the GBA met with the feds yesterday to discuss the growing concern.

On behalf of the GBA, Fish asks that residents understand that much like account holders, the banks have fallen victim too stating "people need to understand that the bank is the victim here. The leak happened with the card information. That happened outside the bank...certainly we're responsible for protecting our customers but the bank is not the source of the leak."

Since the leak has yet to be plugged, residents should continue to be on high alert for potential unauthorized charges and diligently review accounts and statements. He also advises that residents be leery about using the Guam Waterworks Authority's automated payment systems, both online and phoned in as most cases report this as the common denominator.