by Asha Robles

Guam - This year is a particularly special year for Ford as it celebrates its 111th anniversary as a company. One hundred and eleven years ago, on June 16, Henry Ford and 11 original investors signed incorporation papers to form Ford Motor Company, starting with a dream, $528,000 in cash, some blueprints and tools. With Ford's dream to build a car "so low in price that no man making a good salary will be unable to own one", it took off with the introduction of the Model T, the car for the great multitude, which was literally the automobile that put the world on wheels.

On Guam, Triple J Auto Group is celebrating. To mark Ford's 111th anniversary, triple j has turned their showroom in Tamuning, into a museum-like exhibit with a few of Ford's vintage vehicles, with some great stories behind them as well as a timeline of the Ford company throughout the years. Aside from the exhibit, there will be several promotions happening at the dealership and other activities to check out. One thing notable about the Ford vehicles, are their place among pop culture. Recognized for its American Muscle line, Mustangs, often make appearances in major motion pictures.

With that being said, Triple J invites you to check out "Ford Epic Movie Weekend" on June 28-29.tune in to DOCOMO Local 2, where a spotlight will be placed on the company's iconic role in films through the decades.