Guam - Before close to one thousand of the island's Democrats this weekend, former governor Carl Gutierrez and Attorney Gary Gumataotao formally announced their intent to run for governor and lt. governor during in this year's election.

Calling it a rally for hope and a change in the current administration, close to one thousand of the island's democrats joined together this weekend at the residence of Gutierrez in Agana Heights. "But ladies and gentleman what I've seen in the last almost four years, is a governor that wants to be able to be a caretaker of this governor, that is not what they hired him for you need a leader with a vision to move forward so our suffering here would be ameliorated by the fact that we can create more jobs," he said.

The former governor was joined by Gumataotao for the first time since announcing his intent to run during the democrat's CEC meeting earlier this month. "This is the guy right here, who has all the trust of Carl Gutierrez to be able to help move this island forward he has the background, the heart, the mind to be able to make life easy for the running of Adelup," he said.

Gumataotao told a group of supporters there's a need for change in Adelup and it starts with his team, saying, "You see the signs out, they say the right direction I'll tell you the right direction. It's to leave Adelup now, all the republicans leave because all they do is laugh at how much money they're making and putting it in the bank at our expense."

In addition to the Gutierrez-Gumataotao announcement, several democratic senatorial candidates spoke in support of their gubernatorial team along with the goal for a supermajority in the Guam Legislature. Those in the running include all nine incumbent Democrats and former senators Adolpho Palacios and Judi Guthertz. Some of the new faces include radio host Frank Ungacta and Attorney John Terlaje. "And for me I want to bring that issue forward that people with disabilities should be heard, because our voices count, too," he said.

Terlaje you may recall represented the Democratic majority in the recent declaratory judgment over the Tax Refund Efficient Payment Trust Fund. War veteran Rodney Cruz Jr. is also running along with party vice chairwoman Dr. Nerissa Underwood. The party will also have two candidates for congress with Matt Artero going up against incumbent Madeleine Bordallo

"I respect our congresswoman, I'm running because I have some ideas and feel like I can contribute," he said.

Joaquin Perez, who is also congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo's campaign treasurer, has agreed to serve as co-chair for the Gutierrez-Gumataotao campaign along with Dr. Underwood. He explains the campaign logo which was officially unveiled this weekend. "If you look closely at this, we have the Chief Gadao canoe showing direction, showing this campaign really has a place to go for the betterment of Guam ," he explained.

19 stars are also featured representing all 19 municipalities. Gutierrez in the meantime says he is confident the team will come up with the required signatures and will file before the July 1 deadline. "There's going to be a lot of different tactics on issues facing us but the most important thing I will never change from is the accessibility that I have with the people because I believe as Chief Gadao was that you are the chief of the village, the chief of the island, you're supposed to be," he said.