Guam - Be aware - island residents are noticing bogus charges on their statements after paying for things online. Members of KUAM's sales team have fallen victim discovering that in the last two days as eight transactions totaling over $480 have been stolen from their bank accounts after they had paid a GWA bill.

Despite GWA spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf says their system has not been compromised. According to Secret Service resident-in-charge Kevin Clifton his agency does investigate fraudulent activity such as wire fraud but could not confirm if they are actively investigating the allegations. He does confirm that he has received calls from residents who fear they have fallen victim to wire fraud. 

As we reported earlier this month several people were falling victim to wire fraud. Bank Pacific president Phil Flores at the time said the common denominator in all reported cases were customers who used credit cards to also pay for their utilities either online or on the phone.