Guam - The island's public safety agencies went before lawmakers this afternoon over the impacts the military buildup may have on their departments based on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. Chief of Polce Fred Bordallo noted concerns over vehicle fleet and the need for officers whereas Department of Corrections director Jose San Agustin spoke on the need for a new facility.

"In crimes and social disorders, as the SEIS reflected, it can and we agree that the stress on the community could be a number of factors with population increases we agree that when you have some social disorders and crime that may happen, you will need a force that's large enough to respond to those crimes," he said. "Our corrections facility that is already overcrowded will definitely be impacted by the increase of the military here on Guam 24/7 in saying that its very important to recognize my plea for a new prison is still of my priority 2458 and I beg that we look at that and revisit."