Guam - It has been three months since concerns about the presence of PCB and lead detected near the Dededo Waste Transfer Station was brought to light by the federal receiver and District Court Judge Francis Tydingco Gatewood. According to Guam Environmental Protection Agency administrator Eric Palacios they are getting closer in identifying who may have been responsible.

"We have identified the leases that have occupied the premises," he shared adding, "what we are still actively working on is zeroing in on which leases contributed which particular waste."

Going back almost ten years GEPA has identified five potential leases that based on the type of operations conducted could be the responsible party and when the contamination occurred. He says the situation is unique because the PCB was generated through a processing method that created what's called "metalic fluff" and in turn PCBs. As we reported the leases will be responsible for cleanup costs which according to the federal receiver would be costly to mitigate.