by Ken Quintanilla

Guam - The Government of Guam should be receiving additional section 30 funds over and above what was projected for this fiscal year.

That’s according to a release from Senator Ben Pangelinan, who says he has received confirmation from federal officials that GovGuam should expect additional federal Section 30 funds in excess of what was projected for FY 2014. The Appropriations Chairman says the additional ‘windfall’ funds that have been estimated by local officials to be over $20 million was a result of two federal entities that have not been remitting ‘cover over’ Section 30 funds to GovGuam for almost two decades.

Pangelinan further accuses the Administration for a “lack of transparency’ and keeping quiet on updates and developments regarding the receipt of Section 30 funds. He urges the Governor to provide timely and relevant information to the Guam Legislature as it is “the body that appropriates funds for government services and projects.”

Meanwhile it was back in April when Pangelinan along with Vice Speaker BJ Cruz introduced Bill 309 to increase transparency in the Section 30 fund process. It further prioritized the uses of any excess additional Section 30 revenues to include fully funding hay pay raises, hiring 20 additional police officers and to expand George Washington High School. During Bill 309’s public hearing last month, Governor Eddie Calvo submitted written testimony saying he not only opposed the measure but called it an “abomination” adding he would surely veto the bill. The Guam Education Board also testified in opposition saying Bill 309 would disrupt its plans for the Tiyan High School.