Guam - Nationwide, the number one cause of injury or fatality in the construction industry are due to fall incidents on the worksite. And today, the Guam Contractors Association held its annual safety conference at the Pacific Star Hotel on fall protection in line with OSHA's National Stand Down in Fall Prevention.

GCA president James Martinez said, "What we would expect the takeaway for today is to have these folks go back into the jobsites and have these safety talks and tool box talks at the jobsites to discuss fall protection and fall prevention - its mandated for businesses that an employer has that responsibility to train these people on different aspects of safety."

More than 100 GCA members were in attendance including human resource directors and safety managers featuring a general session by OSHA assistant area director Roger Forstner from Honolulu. Governor Eddie Calvo meanwhile proclaimed June 2 to June 6 in observance of National Stand Down in Fall Prevention for Construction.