Guam - The inaugural Lotte Duty Free Guam Live International Music Festival is just 2 days away.   

She's making waves in the states, but for Guam born Pia Mia, there's truly no place like home.

Just last night, she and her team arrived at the AB Won Pat International Airport and wasted no time getting to the beach.

"We literally jumped off the plane last night and we got to the hotel and dropped all our bags and ran onto the beach. We got to see the last few minutes of the sunset. So it was really nice. Everyone's  really loving it here," she said.

The 17-year-old Guam girl is hitting all the high notes in the stateside music scene, getting signed with Interscope Records earlier this year, dropping her EP over Christmas and now working around the clock to drop her album soon, but she's taking a quick break from the studio to rock the mic as a headliner for the inaugural Lotte Duty Free Guam Live International Music Festival set for Friday and Saturday nights.

"If you guys are going to come out on Saturday, you guys can pick up a VIP package at Crowns Guam or on shop That would be really cool if you guys get that because you can watch the soundcheck and we get to have a personal meet and greet. I'd like to meet everybody face to face and have conversation and introduce everybody to the Wolfpack team," she said.

And trust us - this superstar in the making wants to meet all the friends, family, and fans who helped her along the way - who she often refers to as the "Wolfpack."

"This is the Wolfpack. The Wolfpack is everybody that's supporting me and just my whole team. I don't know. I just kind of started it because everybody started asking me what kind of music I did. I'm going to classify it as my own genre. It's going to be Wolfpack. People didn't quite understand that so it evolved into my fans, and my team and my family and Guam. Wolfpack (hand gesture) yeah!" she said.

"Coming from Guam really makes a difference because for me, I want all of my team to feel like family. I want to know all my fans. I want to talk to all my fans. And I think that's important because you gotta know who you're performing to and who you're connecting with. I just want to make sure I stay true to who I am and I always make sure that everybody knows I'm from Guam and that I promote this place and our culture because this is home for me," she said.

And while she's living her dream she hopes to inspire others to live theirs too.

"Work really hard at what you want to do and if you don't work hard and you listen to what other people say then you're not going to get anywhere. But you gotta focus on what you want and believe in what you want and know in your heart you can do it," she said.

So don't miss out, Pia Mia takes the Paseo Stadium stage on Saturday at 8 p.m.

For more information or to purchase your tickets online, go to Its $80 for a two day pass that saves you $20 because it's $50 each for Friday or Saturday's show.

You can also buy tickets online at all 76/Circle K gas stations, Andersen ITT, MWR and Crowns Guam.