Guam - While his name might sound familiar, he's a new face in the political arena. Today Romeo Carlos officially announced his intention to run for senator under the Republican ticket in this year's election. During a luncheon this afternoon, he says his goal is to bring power back to the people.

"But I do not define a party by any one particular individual and I'm running as a Republican but I'm running for all the voters of Guam - Democrats and Republicans - but I'm running for change more than anything else," he announced.

Carlos stayed in Puerto Rico and Boston prior to moving to Guam 15 years ago. He was previously involved in small business development and for the last few years, he's been involved in marketing, communications and design work. He also once worked for former senator Carmen fernandez and Tina Muna Barnes. If elected, his first proposal would be to put a substantive ballot initiative before the people to reform the legislature to either a part-time or full-time legislature. We should note that while he's been called Romeo Carlos for 40 years, his birthname is actually "Carl Gross Gutierrez".