Guam - The Government of Guam has until June 9th to post a $2.2 million bond with the District Court. It's one of the latest orders handed down by Federal Judge Consuelo Marshall in the Paeste income tax refund case. The judge ordered the bond because GovGuam wanted to delay the payment in attorneys fees until their appeal is resolved in the 9th Circuit. If GovGuam fails to post the bond by the 9th the plaintiffs attorneys can move forward with collecting its money.  In a separate order the judge also reversed the clerk of courts January 2013 taxation of costs award of $20,000 to the plaintiffs and instead now awards over $60,000, which would be included in the bond GovGuam must secure.

The project is expected to take one year. The As-Misa rehabilitation joins the Acfallen Bridge near Bear Rock as two bridge projects taking place in Inarajan. Dominguez says between 2004 and 2008, DPW had conducted an assessment of the island's bridges which determined the southern ones as in fairly poor shape.