Guam - As part of efforts to reinforce and replace some of the older bridges throughout the island, the Department of Public Works held a groundbreaking for the rehabilitation of the Inarajan North Leg Bridge commonly referred to as the As-Misa Bridge.

DPW director Carl Dominguez says the project is worth $1.2 million and is 100% federally funded. "What we're going to do with this bridge, we're not going to replace it but we're going to reinforce it, so in the event of future typhoons, we don't lose the bridge, it doesn't collapse, then the people down here would be trapped or would be forced to go around Merizo/Umatac side to get up north," he said.

The project is expected to take one year. The As-Misa rehabilitation joins the Acfallen Bridge near Bear Rock as two bridge projects taking place in Inarajan. Dominguez says between 2004 and 2008, DPW had conducted an assessment of the island's bridges which determined the southern ones as in fairly poor shape.