Guam - Roundtable discussions got underway today at the Legislature on the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. As we reported several senators have requested government agency directors and government commissions under their purview provide reports on the impact of the Draft SEIS.

Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission executive director Dennis Santo Tomas provided testimony during today's meeting. He told senators he had an opportunity to skim through the massive document.  "GPD has been highlighted as having critical deficiencies in staff and that's good that's very true not only GPD but that's across the board for all law enforcement, so I'd like to point that out it's not just GPD but all law enforcement agencies in general."

He said GPD was scheduled to provide comment today, however the chief's office informed the committee that it could not be present because of a police officer's funeral.  Vice Speaker BJ Cruz is looking at rescheduling GPD to appear on June 3rd. Additional roundtable discussions like today will be held next week as Senator Tom Ada has requested GPA, GWA and DPW present their comments on the Draft SEIS to his committee.