Guam - If you've ever thought of illegally dumping your trash on the side of the road you should think twice because chances are you will be caught on camera and penalized.

"A butterfly passed by and it caught it I mean it's amazing," said Guam EPA administrator Eric Palacios. The Guam Environmental Protection Agency is taking its fight against illegal dumping to a whole new level. According to Palacios his agency is using technology to track down those trashing our island.

"We're installing our surveillance cameras at strategic places throughout the island and once we start catching people we are going to share those photos and those videos with all the media and we really want to flush it out," he said.

Day or night, Palacios says the cameras will catch you. "We did a dry run right here behind our building and even at night so its night vision capabilities are awesome it shot all the way out to road and you can read license plate numbers and yes, it's really, really cool," he said.

Palacios would not say how many or where the cameras are being positioned but they are being installed and with a swipe or a click Guam EPA will be able to monitor the problem at any given time. "The image are shared through different means everything stored of ceruse on to some of the agency's computers and they also have the capability of streaming straight to our iPhones, smart phones, iPads and tablets," he said.

The surveillance cameras were purchased with funds from the recycling revolving fund which has recently come under scrutiny by Senator Rory Respicio who is calling for an audit of the fund after what he calls "questionable purchases" by the administrator. Palacios in the meantime welcomes the audit and stands by his decisions. "Those are the sort of investments that we're making and ultimately the community is going to win everyone in the community pays into it so we want to make sure that everyone in the community benefits from it whether its with the conference whether its buying a backhoe whether its for buying supplies for the mayors council or buying surveillance cameras our community will win," he said.