Guam - Business owners in the Hafa Adai Exchange are picking up the pieces after a fire raced through the shopping center early this morning.

Adela Quinto has been renting space at the Hafa Adai Exchange in Tamuning for over 20 years. Her shop is popular for selling island music. "I sell Chamorro CDs and clothing," she told KUAM News.     

Like 18 other shop owners they received the bad news this morning, Rosario Asahan is the owners of Rose Alterations. She's been here at the Hafa Adai Exchange for over six years. "When I just saw the brown outside oh burn just the middle I thought middle but when I looked even my shop is burn too," she said.

Rosario and Adela are left sifting through charred rubble to see what can be saved. "More than half of its is damaged. We cannot salvage those things already its wet and its smoke smells smoke everything even this inside things we took out still smoke," said Adela.

And unfortunately for several young teenagers the fire will impact their biggest dance of the year, with Rosario saying, "Sew for them for the prom dress for the vest of the boys the prom."

According to acting Guam Fire Department spokesperson Kevin Reilly a fire broke out in the Tamuning shopping center just before three o'clock Friday morning, an hour and half later it was brought under control and GFD inspectors began their investigation. So far there's no word on the fire's cause.

In the meantime while Adela contemplates whether she'll move elsewhere in the Hafa Adai Exchange, Rosario who has been sewing for close to 25 years says she might just close shop for good. "I'm already planning to retire so I say maybe one more year, but already burn today maybe quit because I'm already 68," she said.