Guam - Thieves are at it again, as the Guam Power Authority reports that in the last month over two 2,000 feet of copper wire has been stolen in the northern part of Guam. Two newly renovated homes from the GHURA staff housing in Yigo and Dededo and newly constructed homes in Chalan Okso were the latest targets.

GPA spokesperson Art Perez is enlisting the help of our residents, telling KUAM News, "If you notice anybody not in GPA uniform GPA garb or GPA equipment and if they are working transporting or cutting doing any type of wire removal off lines or even pulling wire out of conduits contact the Guam Police Department or contact the Guam Power Authority."

The sale of copper wire as scrap is an attractive lure involving both thieves and the salvage metal yards that receive the stolen copper wire. These areas are susceptible to being targeted since they are not occupied, and are isolated. As a result of the thefts additional work will be required to replace the missing wire and repair meter provisions that may have been damaged.