Guam - Over the last few days Guam has had a special visitor. Here to spread good will and the message of peace is Grand Master Living Buddha Sheng-Yen Lu.

Starting his visit to Guam over the weekend with a press conference, everywhere  the founder of The True Buddha School, the Living Buddha, visited he was swarmed with followers.  On Monday he attended a special dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for a STUPA or Statue Commemorating World Peace.

Tuesday a special luncheon was held in his honor by the island's elected leaders during which he was presented resolutions and awards from the governor, congresswoman and the Legislature. Wednesday evening hundreds attended the grand master's 70th birthday party.

An interpreter told KUAM News, "According to the Grand Master's impression of Guam this is the second time Grand Master has visited Guam he say Guam has been changing constantly he also mentioned that Guam is a very peaceful and comfortable area for the habitants here and this is multicultural society with mix of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and native people sometimes Russian as well that should be building a multicultural society also that grand master mention the tourism could be improved in a better way attracting more people to come and also building some playgrounds for many children as well. And he hopes that the people can live harmonious in this little island of Guam."

So who exactly is the Living Buddha Sheng-Yen Lu?  Well he is the spiritual leader of more than 5 million followers across the globe. There are over 400 chapters of his True Buddha School around the world, one of which is located here in Guam in Upper Tumon referred to as The True Buddah School Complete Enlightenment Temple.  "Though he seems to accomplish a lot of things it doesn't take the accomplishment as the major goal of his life he lives naturally he lives every day of cultivation every writing article everyday and everyday he lives happy everyday he lives he cultivates or meditate everyday he lives he finds peacefulness in his life that's the main thing in his life," the interpreter continued.

Aside from meditating and teaching, what exactly does a Living Buddha do for fun? Exercise, of course!

"To him," KUAM News was told, "exercise is very important part of his life - Grandmaster Lu does pushups 200 times a day, sit-ups is about 50 times a day, and he does a lot of exercise to continue to improve himself."

Living Buddha Sheng-Yen Lu leaves Guam on Thursday. His final words during our interview? "We got this, Guam!"