Guam - The inaugural Freedom of Information Advisory Council meeting kicked off this morning at the Guam Legislature. Along with advising the legislature on the status of Freedom of Information requests, the council aims to encourage and facilitate compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and to provide more transparency in the Government of Guam.

Former journalist Jayne Flores and assistant attorney general Pat Mason make up the 13-member council. Flores said, "I've always been a staunch of believe of freedom of information and I think being on this council will allow me to continue that." Mason added, "We certainly think that gathering of the information is important and the Sunshine Act and the Open Government Act have their own enforcement mechanisms but that's not to say there cannot be improvement."

Flores was appointed as the vice chairperson of the council. Today, members addressed a complaint filed by UOG professor Ron McNinch however first wanted to establish guidelines and procedures in order to ensure fairness and consistency in handling all complaints.