Guam - He's served in three presidential administrations and today the Guam Chamber of Commerce welcomed Health Approaches Inc. president Thomas Lorentzen who spoke before the membership on the importance of Guam.

Lorentzen says it's not only the island's strategic position that makes it so important but its people as well who has shown dedication to the military. And as the former regional director of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Lorentzen stressed the importance of a more regional approach to the modernization of medical care on Guam.

"With the tremendous difficulties you have here in the Western Pacific in terms of logistics, obviously - with the distance here and the difficulty of making the economies work with an island economy, so you have a lot of difficulties that we don't have back in the states and so it really takes a lot more collaboration to make things work and that's again why with the new hospital, it's an upgrade and there needs to be more collaboration within here the region," he said.

He adds building the new Guam Regional Medical City takes the island in the right direction. Lorentzen met with the Guam Medical Association and Governor Eddie Calvo and will be meeting with more business leaders before leaving on Friday. This is Korentzen's fifth visit to Guam.