Guam - It was last month when Department of Land Management launched the test-pilot of its Guam-Land-Web search engine offering an online portal into the government's digitized land records. And in order to gain more feedback, the site's free trial period has been extended.

Since its launch on March 11, over 500 registered users have accessed GuamLandWeb. "GuamLandWeb essentially is an online platform to the Department of Land Management's data set so information like land titles and certificates and other types of related information is now available on the internet through the port," said Governor Eddie Calvo's special assistant for technology Wil Castro. He said GuamLandWeb is part of the Administration's efforts to improve customer service.

"The great affordance of using technology these days is its not limited to residents on Guam. You can be a former Guam resident living in California wanting to follow-up on family property so you don't have to call into Land Management now to request to send through certified mail, certified copies of the land title you should be able to do that online with GuamLandWeb in the future," he said.

The site was originally launched for a beta test period of 30 days designed to elicit user feedback on how to improve the system. That has since extended allowing users another month of free access.

"We've got some feedback about how to best improve the interface or how the website itself looks, and we've got feedback about what types of instructions need to be on the website, so the average user can take full advantage of the program," he added.

But it's not just limited access users can get for free, as Land Management is offering free weekly trainings on how to use the website at no cost. Castro says this is one example of an agency taking ownership over the technologies adopted and making it fully accessible to the public. He does however note that once the test period is over, a nominal fee will be assessed. "The idea is to make the same information and service available to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime for a nominal price in order the maintain the system and the staff, you're going to have to recover cost the idea is to not make money off the system but general enough revenue to sustain it," he said.

For more information on the free training you can call land management at 649-5263 otherwise you can see for yourself what GuamLandWeb has to offer at