Guam - Up to 60 inmates, detainees and employees at the Department of Corrections have reacted positively to a skin test for tuberculosis. As we reported massive testing began Tuesday and the first wave of results were released by Public Health's CDC Division today. According to DepCor spokesperson Jeff Limo out of the some 200 people tested so far, 60 reacted positively. Here's the breakdown 28-pretrial detainees that were housed in the dome facilities, 23 inmates, and nine DOC employees.

Limo says just today they began sending the positive reactors to Guam Radiology to undergo chest x-rays.  So far two people have been cleared. Limo adds the detainees who tested positive have now been quarantined to one dome, while the inmates that tested positive are being housed in an isolated unit.

More results from  chest x-rays will be released tomorrow, additionally TB skin tests will continue tentatively on the 29th or sooner. It was earlier this month DOC confirmed that a pre-trial detainee housed in one of the dome facilities tested positive for active TB. He is currently at the Guam Memorial Hospital undergoing treatment. DOC director Jose San Agustin has ordered the entire prison population as well as staff be tested.