Guam - It was earlier this week when Department of Land Management director Monte Mafnas passed away after a long battle of cancer. Today during the Chamorro Land Trust Commission's regular board meeting, members gave a moment of silence to their administrative director. Chairman Michael Borja says Mafnas had great vision for CLTC many of which are enacted today.

"Things like making sure we issue out land that has infrastructure, finding ways to obtain funds to get that infrastructure and then most of all working and coordinating with all the different government agencies so that affordable homes could be made available for the Chamorro Land Trust recipients who in some cases cant afford regular sized homes," he said.

Meanwhile during today's meeting, the Guam Resource and Recovery Partners presented a check of $44,000 to CLTC for 10 months of arrears on its lease of CLTC property in Santa Rita. Borja says CLTC served GRRP a notice this week that they would terminate the lease if it was not paid off in 90 days.