Guam - Before several stakeholders, a roundtable hearing was held this morning to discuss the Department of Agriculture's rules and regulations relative to the proposed new invasive species fee regulation.

It was last year when the proposed rules and regs were submitted by Department of Agriculture however concerns arose dealing with the AAA process.

Russell Campbell, an entomologist with the Department of Agriculture says an environmental impact statement was revised on the fee regulation. He adds feedback was generated from Customs and Quarantine, the Port Authority management and the Port Users Group. "But I believe most people on Guam are quite cognizant of the impact of invasive species and they are long term costly things to society and if we can do something to prevent these things from coming here, getting established and causing long term control expenses then it will probably work better in the long run to accept a small fee and actually do the things we can do to limit these destructive pests from getting here in the first place," he said.

The proposed fee would be an additional $44 per container to fund the Bio-Security Division within the Department of Agriculture.