Guam - A stump throwing ceremony was held this afternoon officially launching a pilot program using an air curtain burner otherwise known as burn boxes to dispose of green waste without spreading invasive species.

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency partnered with the National Park Service to launch the program using two burn boxes donated by green clover services.

Guam EPA administrator Eric Palacios said, "Both of the machines are powered by a compressor, an air blower and the only fuel is the waste that you're burning and the accelerant is the oxygen that we breathe we breathe everyday there's no fuel used in the mixture, so it's not an incinerator, it really is just the commodity being burned and air feeding it and intensifying the heat in the burn box itself."

Palacios adds only green waste will be burned in these machines. The burn boxes will help provide an immediate solution to the growing problem of the rhinoceros beetle and the little fire ants- both of which have been found at the War in the Pacific National Park in Asan. The pilot program will last for the next 90-days.