Guam - It was the democrats turn to take the podium at a forum hosted by Guam Community College students. Although last night's forum was for their gubernatorial team instead the party chairman provided an update on their efforts to secure a team to go head to head with the incumbents.  

With no gubernatorial team just yet to represent the Democratic Party of Guam, instead party chairperson Rory Respicio spoke before students. He described what leadership is doing to unite the party after decades of division. "What I'm presenting to you is an update over the last months of how we're constantly rebuilding," he said.

And to heal the hurt within the party the democrats have hit the streets heading into island villages holding what they call a listening tour. "So when these listening tours I would just give an overview like I've just given and then I would just sit down and let these families step forward and talk about how their lives have not been made better over the last three years talk about the crime epidemic facing our community talk about how they don't feel its safe to be in their own homes and talk about how the fabric of our society has changed. But along with those discussions we talk about what kind of solutions can be generated to take back the Guam that we once known it to be the Guam that we would always love it to be where Guam is a very special place so we're going down this road whereas chairman of the party I can say that the Democratic Party is united we have Governor Gutierrez we have Congressman Underwood we have Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo - all on the same page and along with this effort we have disaffected republicans who certainly want to see some kind of change in the current leadership," he said.

But will the party be able to come together before the deadline to file for candidacy in July. A student asked whether Respicio himself would make a run for Adelup. Respicio responded that he was running for senator but said he is spending his time making sure there will be a team to respond to this hunger for change in the leadership at Adelup.

"So what the Democrat Party is trying to do that we're the party of inclusion that we're going to represent not only the people in our community but make sure that every voice is heard we're going to pursue everyone interest in running for governor we're pursing governor Gutierrez's interest in running for governor we're pursuing Senator San Nicolas interest in running for governor where you can imagine all kinds of different combinations and pairings that have come up over the last five months. And we're going to recognize those pairings so when its time for the party to come up with a gubernatorial team no one will ever, ever feel that they've been left behind," he said.

Meanwhile also speaking before GCC students last night was Jonathan Diaz who picked up a packet from the Guam Election Commission to run as a Republican against the incumbent team of Calvo-Tenorio. Diaz did not speak before students during the Republican forum on Wednesday because he is not a sanctioned GOP candidate. "And before I get more emotional because my party decided not to include me yesterday and it hurts my heart. To know that after all that I have done after all that I have done for the party that they would not permit me to speak," he said.

"First I want to formally express to the Democratic Party that I will always be a Democrat and I will always be a Democrat because my mother is a Democrat. And my grandmother is a Democrat and my great grandmother is a Democrat."

During his introduction Diaz began with a blessing, saying, "Before we begin I would like to go around and bless this room to consecrate it and make it holy in the eyes of the people of democracy and I do it with plain water and water is free given to us by God."

Diaz would then recite a portion of the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln and announced a portion of his platform. "My first campaign goal is to give free water and free power to all the people of Guam. Oh, how is that possible? Its possible because I thought in my head right I believe it in my heart and I'm going to push it out in my hands right when you elect me as governor of Guam. I thought it its in my heart and I'm putting it out in the world something that is thought is always going to transact to an action and that action in our world is by providing a solar panel to all families on this island," he said.

Diaz previously ran as an independent for congress and again as a Democrat for both Congress and senator.  Senatorial forums are scheduled for later this month.