Guam - He was named in a federal indictment involving twelve people busted for running an elaborate drug ring but he wasn't charged until now. Just as soon as Anthony John Cruz Santos was officially charged with dealing drugs he struck a deal with the federal government. In late March 12 people were indicted for their alleged role in running drugs from Nevada to Guam where it was sold.

Named in the federal indictment were Francisco Arias, Eder Cortez-Zelaya, David and Brian Quinata, Joseph Mansapit, Johnny Quenga, Ken Nanguata, Corina and Lawrence Concepcion, Florentina Depamaylo, Joshua Moye and Richard Borja.

According to his plea agreement Anthony Santos confessed that he not only lived with two of those

Defendants namely Corina and Lawrence Concepcion, but also sold crystal meth for them.  Santos admitted that on at least four occasions he took Lawrence to the post office to pick up meth that had been sent from Nevada. He also admitted knowing that the packages contained drugs. Court documents even describe an incident that occurred in December 2012 in which a package was addressed from Henderson, Nevada to Santos. In that package was 81 grams of meth which tested 97 percent for purity.  That very same day, Santos went with Lawrence Concepcion to also pick up a package from the post office sent from Nevada.  Inside the box was 69 grams of meth.  As we reported the drugs were allegedly being supplied to Guam drug dealers such as the Concepcion's by Arias and Cortez-Zelaya. All the defendants have pleaded not guilty with the exception of Cortez-Zelaya who is scheduled to be arraigned via video conference Friday. As for Santos he will make his initial appearance on his plea agreement on April 16.