Guam - The agenda is set for tomorrow's legislative session. During this afternoon the Committee on Rules on adopted several motions for various bills that will be debated on the floor. They include  Bill 283 related to the port's master plan update, measures dealing with employee privacy rights, and Bill 272 otherwise known as the Vulnerable Victims Act.

Although it has not yet been officially introduced Senator Tina Muna Barnes hinted what she will be adding to the session agenda from the floor. "I may just bring to the body a proposed resolution relative to requesting for declaratory judgment from the Supreme Court of Guam as to the ability through the legislature a duly passed law of Guam to direct the Guam Election Commission to place a measure to the ballot pursuant to Title Three Chapter 16 Articles 4 of the Guam Code Annotated, she said.

It was in  March when the Guam Election Commission board  voted not to place Bill 215 which lapsed into law on this year's general election ballot. Members deemed it inorganic.  Senator Barnes is hoping to garner support from her colleagues to seek a declaratory judgment from the Supreme Court. Session is scheduled for nine o'clock Wednesday  morning.