Guam - The University of Guam has released its spring poll on an array of issues including Decision 2014, medicinal marijuana and the deportation of criminals from the Freely Associated States. The research was conducted by political analyst and UOG professor Ron McNinch with a voter sample poll of 670.

For Decision 2014, about 70% of voters thought Governor Eddie Calvo would prevail over a democrat opponent in this year's gubernatorial election. McNinch says the high percentage is likely the result of a lack of a declared democrat at this point. As for who the public thought would be the democrat nominee for governor, former governor Carl Gutierrez came out on top with 41%.

About half of voters thought the republicans could take the majority in the Guam Legislature. In the second split, about half of voters thought that the democrats would keep the majority. About a third of the public meanwhile supported the legislature going back to 21 senators.

In other issues, a majority or 62% of the public support medical marijuana. Women over 40 are split almost equally on the issue and three our of four men between the ages of 18 and 40 support it. 44% of voters meanwhile support private recreational use of marijuana. 

Over 81% support the effort to deport compact migrants who are repeat criminals along with the idea to require medical screening of migrants who move to Guam. As for the military buildup, about two thirds of voters believed the buildup would be good about and 30% thought it would be bad. About 94% meanwhile would not trade their U.S. Passports and U.S. citizenship for a Guam passport and citizenship.