Guam - KUAM News has confirmed that one of three people indicted by a federal grand jury and arrested on Thursday on drug-trafficking charges is a Customs and Quarantine officer.  

The officer is behind bars, accused of giving out confidential information about drug search warrants.  Javyin Ueda Remoket, Frederick Obak and Amos Ueda are charged with conspiracy to distribute more than 50 grams of crystal methamphetamine and attempted possession with the intent to distribute.  Remoket was also charged with giving notice of a search warrant. 

According to court documents, Remoket knew that law enforcement had a search warrant for a packaged addressed to Ueda and tipped him off to avoid arrest. Guam Customs and Quarantine Agency spokesperson Officer Johnric Mendiola confirms that Remoket is employed at the agency and is assigned to an investigative unit. Mendiola adds that customs worked with federal law enforcement agencies on the operation and an Internal Affairs investigation has been launched. 

Remoket's badge and duty weapon have been taken away and officials provided no other comment at this time. 

Additionally, Mendiola would not confirm if Remoket tested positive for drugs during the agency's 100% random drug testing conducted several weeks ago.   Officials are not commenting on any of the results at this time.

All three defendants meanwhile pleaded not guilty in the District Court on Thursday and trial is set to begin on June 10.  Due to objections from the government, the court denied their release.