Guam - Criminal charges filed against one dozen people were unsealed in the District Court of Guam on Monday.  A federal grand jury returned a true bill against Francisco C. Arias, Eder J.Cortez-Zelaya, David G. Quinata, Brian G. Quinata, Joseph S.N.Mansapit, Johnny J.S. Quenga, Ken J. Nangauta, Corinna M.Concepcion, Lawrence P. Concepcion, Florentina P.Depamaylo, Joshua E. Moye, and Richard J. Borja. The twelve are accused of conspiring to bring in large quantities of crystal methamphetamine from Las Vegas, Nevada to Guam  between2010 and March of this year. 

 According to court documents, Arias and Cortez-Zelayaallegedly got paid for supplying methamphetamine to their co-conspirators either by Western Union wire transfers, cash deposits into Cortez-Zelaya's personal account or cash sent from Guam to the two.  The indictment spells out three different groups that allegedly participated in the drug distribution conspiracy.   

The Norman Concepcion Group allegedly began when he metArias through his nephew in 2009 or 2010.  NormanConcepcion's nephew owed Arias money for methamphetamine he sold to his nephew on consignment.  He agreed to sell the drug ice for Arias in order to reduce his nephew's drug debt.  Arias would receive cash via wire transfers and through the mail from Norman Concepcion in exchange for large quantities of methamphetamine.  Multiple mail packages containing different amounts of methamphetamine were sent from Las Vegas, NV to various addresses on Guam including other people to prevent being detected by law enforcement.  

David G. Quinata (aka Dirf) allegedly acted as a middleman between Cortez-Zelaya and other people on Guam who wanted to buy meth including Joseph S.N. Mansapit and FernandoBarcinas.  Quinata allegedly received up to 10 grams of the drug ice from people in Guam for facilitating the acquisition of the drugs.  Quinata allegedly received as many as 11 packages containing methamphetamine from Arias and other packages sent to other people's postal boxes or residences. He is accused of having Brian G. Quinata, Mansapit, Johnny J.S.Quenga, and Ken J. Nangauta and Joe Davy Benavente transfer money and cash deposits into Cortez-Zelaya's bank account in order to pay for the methamphetamine that would be supplied to him. Daniel Quinata allegedly paid $100,000 for meth that Arias and Cortez-Zelaya supplied to him while BrianQuinata allegedly paid $40,100 for drugs.  Mansapit allegedly deposited $9,000.   From November 2012 on, mail packages were sent from Nevada to Guam containing large quantities of methamphetamine.  

Corinna M. Concepcion is named as having purchased the drug ice from Arias and Cortez-Zelaya.  Court documents state thatConcepcion contacted the two and had family and friend receive the packages and allegedly paid for the drugs personally or through other people.  Anthony J. Santos, who lived with Corinna and her husband Lawrence P. Concepcion, is accused of selling plates of the drugs and agreed to have packages of meth sent to him on Guam.  Santos received more than 170 grams of meth in December 2012 from Arias andCortez-Zelaya that was intended for Corinna Concepcion. Another 100 grams was shipped to Joshua E. Moye that was intended for her as well.  In March of last year, a package containing 55 grams of meth was sent to Floren Deplamayobut was intended for Corinna as well.  
Richard Borja allegedly received more than 44 grams of the drug ice on two occasions.  

The federal indictment lays out all of the money transfers that were sent to Arias and Cortez-Zelaya as payment for all of the drug shipments. The federal government is also seeking a money judgment from each of the defendants representing the amount of proceeds obtained as a result of the conspiracy to distribute meth.  Arrest warrants were issued and the defendants were taken into custody and are scheduled to appear in the District Court on Tuesday morning for an initial appearance.