Guam - A working group set to review the Department of Corrections standard operating procedures is set to meet next week. According to Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio's chief of staff Dong Choe, the initiative stems from an executive order dating back to 1994.

He told KUAM News, "It's more than 20 years old and there's a lot of standards and procedures and the needs in '94 are different from the needs today and the dynamics of technology and everything that improved and all the implementations of rules from the American Correctional Association, so we have to look through all of these procedures and make sure we're up to date."

It was earlier this month when the Governor's Office noted that certain recent incidents at the department highlighted the need to review and change some of DepCor's procedures to make them more effective or eliminate redundancies. Choe is part the working group along with the Lt. Governor's Public Safety Team and the subject matter experts from the different law enforcement agencies. The meeting is set for Monday, March 24 at 1pm at the Governor's Large Conference Room.