Guam - The Port Authority of Guam went before lawmakers to share what's in store with its master plan update 2013 report.

The revised plan is scaled down from the original proposal generated back in 2007 taking into account the reduced military buildup. "And this particular report and update is a reflection of the reality of where we are today in terms of upgrades and improvements that still need to be made to the port in terms of our organic growth and our inherit needs 0439 and then of course other issues that will accommodate to a certain degree any additional capacity that's needed at the Port Authority of Guam," said Joanne Brown, agency general manager.

Port management shared with lawmakers the intent of the 2013 master plan which includes modernizing the port in five years, preparing for scaled down projections targeting organic growth, providing a balanced focus on improvement and long-term sustainability, and providing a strategy to secure financial self-sufficiency. Part of the recommendations also include a proposed tariff increase over the next 20 years with an increase of four percent in the five years.