Guam - A confirmation hearing was held this morning on the executive appointment of Valentino Perez to serve on the Guam Memorial Hospital's board of trustees. Perez told lawmakers he hopes to use his financial background to help the hospital become independent and self-sufficient.

"And they're trying their best it's just sometimes hard for them to do so but being able to see how things are run on the inside as well and report that and help make decisions on that I'm hoping I can help I'm not saying that I've got the answers, I most definitely don't, but bringing a perspective from another side, a non-medical perspective, I hope I can," he said.

Perez says in the last year, he's been reviewing the hospital's financial statements. Perez holds an MBA in corporate finance from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and currently works as a finance analyst at Veiovis, the company that runs FHP Clinic. He is also the sole proprietor of Guam's Own, a local distillery company.  The appointment is for six years. 

Perez was also on the Republican's list of potential candidates for the Legislature.