Guam - It was on Valentine's Day when the Competitive Wage Act went into affect for thousands of GovGuam employees. And for those who didn't feel love for the plan or believe their pay grade should be higher, you can start filing your appeal by next week.

Starting March 3rd, Government of Guam employees can start filing their appeals over the Guam Competitive Wage Act of 2014 implemented nearly two weeks ago. Department of Administration director Benita Manglona explains the request for review process, saying, "Its for employees that believe that they should be slotted in a higher, their grade should be higher or they have some concerns about it."

This review process allows employees to ask for the pay grade assigned to their position to be re-examined if they believe it should be higher. These pay grades were assigned by a Hay job evaluation methodology based on job duties submitted in late 2008. "And maybe some of those position description were not properly completed or did not put all the duties that the employees are required to do for those positions 0309 and the employees they're grade were not adequately slotted so some employees feel they want another assessment of their position," she said.

As for what's not appealable for this review process include those that deal with transition issues such as salary increments and the implantation policies which guided the departments in the placement of employees into steps and salaries.

Ever since the governor submitted his Hay plan back in January 15 it not only has caused excitement from GovGuam workers but concern from lawmakers. "There are some people that anticipated they were going to get a higher bump in their salary and there are some that are very happy about their salary increase," she said.

But does she believe the implementation has encountered any problems since? "Well I can't say there's no plan that don't have any issues that could not be resolved and that's the reason why we have the review process," she said.

A job review committee will be tasked to conduct the request for reviews comprised of DOA HR staff and some from the autonomous HR offices. In fact today, a training session was held this morning with the autonomous agencies on the process. And while DOA hasn't officially received any appeals yet, Manglona says she anticipates some requests. While you can start filing the request by next week, DOA will start accepting them between June 2 through June 27.

Another training session will be held with the line agencies on Wednesday at the DOA offices. For more information log on to