Guam - While the Guam Election Commission's legal counsel deemed action by the Guam Legislature as inorganic in passing Bill 215, Senator Tina Muna Barnes maintains she has done her due diligence and is moving forward with the measure that is now public law.

Bill 215 would let voters decide in this year's general election whether medicinal marijuana should be allowed on Guam.

"We've received legal counsel from my attorney and it favors with us moving forward with Bill 215. I continue to await legal opinion as far as how policy makers can move forward with legislation like this and I'm waiting for interpretation from our legal counsel here in the legislature," she said.

Attorney Julian Aguon is Barnes' legal counsel whereas Attorney Therese Terlaje represents the Legislature. Barnes adds once Terlaje provides her interpretation, a joint legal opinion will be issued in response to the GEC. The GEC will further discuss the matter this Thursday at its regular board meeting.