Guam - Bill 268's author, Senator Michael San Nicolas, says he is saddened by Governor Eddie Calvo's veto of the legislation, telling KUAM News he believed he put forth a reasonable proposal.

He said, "I'm not here to fight with the governor, and if the governor has concerns he makes clear with his veto, we need to see if we can address those concerns and possibly introduce a bill that works for everybody."

As for an override attempt, San Nicolas says it's unclear at this time as he still needs to talk to his colleagues. Governor Calvo has stated the Republican senators gave their assurance they would not vote for an override leaving the Democrats without the ten needed votes.

As for court action, San Nicolas says he is not a big fan, adding he doesn't want to stop raises for everybody just because the governor is trying to push for a few we disagree with. He adds although the governor's proposal would implement raises for senators as well, he will not accept it adding the increases for senators is not part of the budget.