Guam - The Democrats are meeting tonight. As we reported yesterday was the deadline the central executive committee gave members to announce their intention they plan to run for governor. 

Democratic Party of Guam chairperson Rory Respicio said , "No one has officially come forward but certainly there will always be indications and interests of individuals wanting to run for governor I'm hoping that in the CEC meeting tonight maybe one of the central executive committee members will have a different report  but whatever that report is, I don't want to presume what the CEC will do or presume the will of the central executive committee  in that what the democratic party is doing by way of this grassroots process is we're showing deference to all those who've shown interest in running."

Respicio says as challenging as it has been the party is encouraged by the increased amount of interest for this "hunger in change for the leadership in Adelup". The chairman added at the end of this process there will be an alternative ticket to the current administration. He says he's not worried no one has come forward but rather he's even more encouraged. Respicio says this month the party will be engaging on a listening tour with senatorial candidates, the congressional delegate and anyone who wants to run for governor and lt. Governor. As for former governor Carl Gutierrez, Respicio says he has not yet responded formally to the party's call nor has he stated he would not run.