Guam - With the New Year its common practice to make New Year's resolutions.

And from the looks of it, the Guam Memorial Hospital has a few of its own with plenty in the works to improve services and increase revenue.

The Guam Memorial Hospital welcomes positive changes this year starting with the release of a handful of request for proposals.

GMH administrator Joseph Verga said, "First and foremost, probably the biggest one is going to go for billing. The RFP for billing is ready to issue. It's a complex RFP of course with hospital billing requirements."

Alongside billing, a RFP to manage their chargemaster too. A difficult task as new code requirements for Medicare are coming online, meaning all staff will need to be brought up to speed.

"Doctors need to be educated. hospital need to be prepared to code. It's a new system of coding. So the education piece needs to come with that and that will be part of the whole RFP that we issue," he said.

But it's not just billing that will see positive changes. So will food services.

For the last several months, Verga confirms GMH has worked to make an RFP more attractive to outsource the hospital's cafeteria as doing so would result in more choices, cheaper prices, on top of bringing in revenue.

And for those who currently man the cafeteria lines, they would help fill other vacancies throughout the hospital.

"The people would just be reallocated to different slots that are vacant. So for example, we have a number of vacancies in dietary. And rather than going out and having to fill those vacancies, and add to the payroll and add to the benefits liability that we're paying, those folks would just be slotted in those vacant slots in dietary that exist at the moment," he said.

And from the inside out, Verga says an RFP will also be released to manage public parking.

"We are putting some additional spaces but we are putting paid parking for the public and of course there will be a vendor to manage the parking for the employees and the physicians so that will also bring in some revenue," he said.